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An Update on our Update

Ah, the eternal journey of wbsite redesign!  Since it is taking a little longer than we had hoped, I wanted to give you an update as to why and the improvements that are currently being worked on. 

I have decided to give the site a pretty top-to-bottom makeover, and we are hand-choosing each and every vendor we will be listing on the site.  The 'Plan your Wedding' section will exclusively contain those vendors that we have had personal experience with, have continually impressed both us and our clients, and who reflect the positive outlook that we want to embody in the site.  It will be exclusive, limited, and unpaid to preserve both the quality and the integrity of the referrals.  The Azzura Photography A-List will be the foundation of our list, so in the meantime feel free to check it out on the Azzura Cafe

Other changes will include everything I outlined in my earlier post, along with quite a few little surprises.  I am extremely excited to complete the revamp, and again THANK YOU to all who have contributed with your thoughts and ideas!  :)